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WissensKünste II: Pictures beyond the picture
For some time now, the picture - as hardly any other subject - , its theory and history have stood in the centre of the interdisciplinary interest in cultural studies. This has led to the attempt to establish non-subject specific picture studies (under the participation of the art historians Horst Bredekamp, Hans Belting and Gottfried Boehm, but also of philosophers like Günter Abel): „An extensive study of the picture has started.“ (Boehm).  

Wagner, 86 Degree Freezers
The WissensKünste are conceived as a place to explore links between artistic and scientific creativity: Encounters between the knowledge of the arts and the art of knowledge.  

Short interview with Olaf Arndt
Olaf Arndt is a member of BBM, observers of machine operators (Beobachter der Bediener von Maschinen).  


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